Balance, hydrate, and tone with the pioneers of milk skincare.

A Multi-tasking Skin Rebalancer

Experience the blissful sensation of quenching hydration and visibly firmer, toned, velvety soft skin with our signature balancing milks, a testament to our pioneering legacy in milk skincare. ALBION balancing milks feature a carefully curated blend of botanical oils and unique proprietary ingredients. Backed by ALBION’s advanced research, the unique formulas are designed to balance your skin’s moisture levels, tone and promote a smooth, lifted appearance.

Hydrate, Glow, and Tone

This milky emulsion restores optimum moisture balance in the skin after cleansing and promotes a visibly refined and radiant complexion. A blend of powerful botanical ingredients fortifies and nourishes skin, while the overall formula plumps, helps minimize the appearance of pores and promotes bouncy texture. 

ALBION’s balancing milk provides all the benefits of a toner and more. The expertly crafted formula is designed to lift away lingering traces of makeup and excess oils after cleansing. It balances the skin’s natural moisture levels after cleansing and prepares it for subsequent skincare to absorb more efficiently. ALBION’s Balancing Milk is your essential step towards a more balanced and radiant skin experience.

How to apply

Depending on your skin type, apply one of our signature balancing milks — INFINESSE Derma Pump Milk S or EXCIA EMBIAGE Extra Milk — as the second step of your 4-Step ALBION Skincare Ritual. Begin with a cleansed face. Use a facial cotton pad for even distribution and gentle exfoliating action. Dispense three pumps of the balancing milk onto a facial cotton pad. Gently press the saturated pad against your skin, and then lightly massage with your fingertips to enhance absorption. Use twice daily.