For over 60 years, ALBION has recommended the same unique 4 step skincare ritual.

Four factors that exemplify beautiful skin:

ALBION designed a unique 4 step skincare ritual to give the skin what it needs, when it needs it.

Step 1: Remove & Cleanse

(Cleanser) Remove deep-seeded makeup and impurities

Step 2: Balance & Prepare

(Balancing Milk) Restore optimum moisture balance, enhancing further moisture absorption

Step 3: Stimulate & Hydrate

(Essence) Hydrate skin while regulating texture

Step 4: Activate & Retain

(Serum/Cream) Lock in moisture and active ingredients

Step 1: Remove & Cleanse (Cleanser)

Start with a clean canvas by removing makeup, dead skin cells and impurities.

Step 2: Balance & Prepare
(Balancing Milk)

The most vital step in ALBION’s system.

ALBION balancing milks mimic skin’s natural moisturizing agents, allowing for quick absorption throughout the stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin) to optimize skin’s moisture balance and enhance the efficacy of products to follow.

Step 3: Stimulate & Hydrate (Essence)

As moisture is delivered throughout the stratum corneum, pores tighten up and skin texture is regulated.

Step 4: Activate & Retain (Serum/Cream)

Provides proactive treatment that helps the skin maintain a youthful and vibrant complexion.

Special Care

To achieve specific goals, proactive treatments may be added to the 4-step daily care ritual.

Step 1
Remove & Cleanse

Step 2
Balance & Prepare

Step 3
Stimulate & Hydrate

Step 4
Activate & Retain

Special Care

Every step of the ALBION daily skincare regimen is purposeful and bestows a skincare benefit in addition to an important wellness benefit. An intentional skincare ritual can provide a moment of serenity, self-care and mindfulness amidst our busy lifestyles.