Skin Conditioner
Daily stresses and environmental factors disrupt skin's metabolic cycle.
Skin Conditioner uses the power of Kita no Hato to boost skin's natural
restorative capacity.
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EXAGE Moist Advance Milk
Designed to mirror the structure of skin’s natural moisturizing
components, EXAGE Moist Advance Milk restores skin's moisture
balance to an optimal state.
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What is ALBION

Since 1956, we have sought to deliver revolutionary luxury skincare products. Our meticulous pursuit of innovation and attention to detail while incorporating our traditions and values into each of our products exemplifies the unique brilliance of Made in Japan quality.

ALBION’s Iconic Product

Balancing Milk

A multi-tasking lotion that quickly and precisely rebalances skin’s moisture, instantly enhancing skin’s texture, and paving the way to a brighter, healthier complexion and skin barrier.

Skin Conditioner

Metabolic superfood for your skin Skin Conditioner acts as a superfood for the skin that helps to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Concept Store

Albion Garden

Our flagship store is coming soon
to Venice Beach, CA.

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