Extra Facial Cotton

Luxuriously soft, smooth cotton pad.

$8.00 USD

Made of 100% cotton, this pillow-soft facial pad is gentle on the skin and safe for everyone, including babies. Its large size makes for comfortable, efficient skincare application.


This high-quality, smooth facial pad enhances your skincare results and user experience. Made of soft yet resilient cotton, it has the ability to easily and gently apply product onto the skin without absorbing too much. It boosts the efficacy of your balancing milk and essence by depositing a just-right amount of product onto the skin.

Apply balancing milk or essence onto Extra Facial Cotton then spread across the entire face with gentle patting motions.

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Made in Japan

Gentle & Safe For Everyone

We use a blend of high-quality cotton that is very gentle on the skin and easy to use. Extra Facial Cotton is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, one of the most well-known and trusted international certifications for textile product safety.