The Power of Peptides

The Power of Peptides

You’ve probably seen the word “peptides” countless times in the skincare aisle or heard about them from various brands and beauty experts. That’s because these powerhouse molecules are enormously beneficial for your skin—some would go so far as to say vital. While you don’t need to know the exact science to reap the benefits of peptides, it’s helpful to understand the basics so you can make more informed decisions regarding your skincare ritual. Let’s get into it.


Little Skin Saviors

Put simply, peptides are short chains of amino acids—the building blocks for collagen production—that help moisturize, plump, smooth, boost elasticity, and combat the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Because of their very small size, peptides are able to penetrate and absorb into the skin more efficiently than larger molecules which simply sit on top of the skin. This is important because peptides do wonders for our skin and we want all that goodness to go deep within our pores.


The INFINESSE Collection

Here at ALBION, we offer a wide range of youth-boosting skincare products that help hydrate, firm, plump, and smooth the skin—and peptides are the star ingredients. Our coveted INFINESSE collection is infused with a high-performance peptide specifically designed to revitalize the skin: OSK9.

OSK9’s amino-rich nourishment promotes optimal skin cell hydration for optimal results: revitalized, firm, lifted, youthful-looking skin. This star proprietary ingredient was developed through joint scientific research with esteemed Professor Morishita of Osaka University, focusing on specific skin concerns for women over 30.


More To Love About INFINESSE

In addition to OSK9, our entire INFINESSE series is specifically formulated to help sculpt, soothe, and nourish the skin. We chose to infuse our products with Mei Gui Hua extract, which comes from a species of rose, because it can help prevent skin dehydration. Royal Jelly Extract, a potent humectant, was chosen because it can help retain moisture and fortify the skin. Carnosine, a di-peptide, and Resveratrol were selected for their powerful, nourishing antioxidant properties.

Skincare can be an overwhelming world to dive into, but knowledge and familiarity with the concept of peptides keep it simple. Peptides are essentially the building blocks of skin and are key ingredients in many of our skin-plumping, glow-boosting products. So go on ahead and dive into our peptide-powered INFINESSE collection and experience the benefits for yourself.




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