Discover the Unique Benefits of OSK9 Peptide Skincare with INFINESSE by ALBION

Discover the Unique Benefits of OSK9 Peptide Skincare with INFINESSE by ALBION

As a Japanese skincare brand, at ALBION, we are passionate about quality and driven by relentless innovation. We believe that great science leads to great skin. Let’s delve into one of our high-end skincare ingredients, the OSK9 peptide, which underpins our INFINESSE collection. We explore what it is, how it was developed, and how it can help you achieve an uplifted, glowing look, fast. 


INFINESSE is a skincare line by ALBION, a renowned Japanese beauty brand. The star proprietary ingredient, OSK9 peptide, is found throughout the entire INFINESSE collection. It is a highly potent peptide that revitalizes the skin and promotes a lifted, youthful look. 

Drawing from the French word “infinité” for infinity, the INFINESSE collection is crafted to produce the look of infinite, timeless beauty. The collection features the following products as part of the ALBION 4-Step Skincare Ritual, based on Japanese beauty traditions: 

  1. Step 1: Cleanse with INFINESSE Face Release Cleansing Cream
  2. Step 2: Balance with INFINESSE Derma Pump Milk S
  3. Step 3: Hydrate with INFINESSE Derma Pump Lotion S
  4. Step 4: Treat with INFINESSE Expansion Cream

In the Special Care range, indulge in a self-care moment with the transformative INFINESSE Firmness Massage Serum, designed for a massage application to condition the skin for a smooth, uplifted look. Apply it after our balancing milk. 

To further enhance the benefits, as the final step of your ALBION ritual, apply INFINESSE Upsurge Solution BN. This richly hydrating serum is infused with our innovative Rosmarinic Acid complex and a blend of botanical ingredients designed to support your skin’s strength and vitality. 

What Is OSK9 Peptide? 

OSK9 is a highly potent peptide designed to revitalize and firm the skin. It promotes a lifted and youthful look by nourishing the skin with essential amino acids. OSK9 appears as Acetyl Pentapeptide-55 Amide in the ingredients list of INFINESSE products and is made from several amino acids (the building blocks of our skin) such as histidine, arginine, leucine, and lysine. 

OSK9 was developed in collaboration with Professor Morishita of Osaka University. Professor Morishita specializes in regenerative medicine, cutting-edge peptide research, and the discovery and development of peptide-based skincare. 

The focus of our collaboration with Professor Morishita was on creating a high-performance ingredient capable of deeply nourishing the skin with essential amino acids, thus enhancing its overall appearance. We specifically aimed to address skin concerns of women over 30, such as skin firmness, elasticity, and hydration. 

What Are Peptides?  

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that serve as building blocks for proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin, which are crucial for skin health. In skincare, peptides stimulate collagen production, support healthy skin barrier, and reduce signs of aging. Overall, they play a key role in maintaining and improving the skin's appearance and function. 

Dermatologists often recommend incorporating peptides in anti-aging skincare due to their support of collagen and elastin production. Peptides are generally safe and well-tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

How OSK9 Benefits the Skin 

Like other peptides, OSK9 helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity, giving it a more youthful and lifted appearance. It supports collagen production, which helps to smooth out fine lines. The amino-rich composition of OSK9 supports the skin barrier and improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture, leading to a plumper, more hydrated look. 

The OSK9 peptide’s unique benefits include: 

  1. Enhanced penetration: OSK9 is formulated to penetrate the skin more effectively than many other peptides due to its smaller molecular weight, allowing it to reach the deeper layers of the skin where it can support collagen production.
  2. Holistic skincare: While many peptides focus on a single aspect of skincare, such as hydration or anti-aging, OSK9 was designed to address multiple skin concerns, including firmness, elasticity, hydration, and wrinkle reduction.
  3. Natural synergy: OSK9 is combined with botanical ingredients in the INFINESSE collection to maximize the benefits and provides enhanced results compared to using a single peptide alone. 

Unique Beauty Ingredients of INFINESSE  

Beyond OSK9, the INFINESSE products feature a blend of botanical ingredients, including: 

  • Mei Gui Hua extract: A collagen- and elastin-friendly extract from the flower buds of Rosa rugosa.
  • Royal jelly extract: Produced by bees, rich in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and other nutrients.
  • Resveratrol: A type of polyphenol known for its antioxidant properties. 

The INFINESSE products are also rich in moisturizing ingredients such as dimethicone, glycerin, squalane, hyaluronic acid, collagen, meadowfoam seed oil, and vitamin E (tocopherol). 

INFINESSE by ALBION Customer Reviews 

Our customers say it best! Allure’s Lauren calls INFINESSE Face Release Cleansing Cream “the most hydrating cleanser,” INFINESSE Derma Pump Milk S “an emulsion that might be as close to Botox in a bottle as it gets,” and INFINESSE Expansion Cream “an ultra-rich moisturizer.”

Geeky Posh’s Jenny says that INFINESSE Derma Pump Milk S made her “skin feel incredibly moisturized,” and she “had a nice glow!” She also mentioned “a strengthened moisture barrier, and noticeably more radiant and plumper skin. Fine lines and pores did seem less noticeable.” 

The Gray Details’ Amanda says that INFINESSE Derma Pump Milk S “leaves my skin feeling hydrated and more plump, resulting in a more youthful glow for over 40 skin.” 

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