Discover the Magic of Job’s Tears: The Key Ingredient in ALBION Skin Conditioner

Discover the Magic of Job’s Tears: The Key Ingredient in ALBION Skin Conditioner

Japanese beauty traditions are some of the oldest in the world, featuring unique ingredients not commonly found in Western skincare products. Traditional ingredients in Japanese skincare that are still widely used today include rice bran, green tea, camellia oil, and Job’s tears. In this article, we explore Job’s tears, a traditional Japanese skincare ingredient, its benefits for the skin, and how traditional Japanese beauty rituals and modern skincare are combined in ALBION Skin Conditioner. 

What Is Job's Tears? 

Job’s tears (Coix Lacryma-Jobi), also known as adlay, adlay millet, or Chinese pearl barley, is a grain closely related to maize. Native to India, Burma, China, and Malaysia, it has been grown in Southeast Asia for millennia. The name “Job’s tears” comes from the legend of Job in the Old Testament, whose tear-like seeds symbolize resilience and healing.

Known as hato mugi in Japan, Job’s tears has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. This powerful cosmetic superfood is rich in antioxidants and helps soothe the skin, reduce redness, and improve overall hydration, also offering skin-brightening effects. 

What Is Kita no Hato? 

Common Job’s tears is typically grown in subtropical regions using pesticides. We use Kita no Hato (lit. “Job’s Tears of the North”), a variety cultivated in Hokkaido, north of Japan, grown without pesticides. This variety took 20 years to develop and cultivate by the National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Nutrition and Health of Japan.

ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential N is formulated with this organic variety of Job’s tears. We use the unique Bakusai Method to extract the most concentrated ingredients from Kita no Hato. It takes around 10,000 Kita no Hato seeds to extract 30ml of Job’s tears oil. 

What Is ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential N? 

Formulated with extracts and oils of Kita no Hato, organically grown in Hokkaido, our luxurious skin conditioner is an essence suitable for all skin types. It targets skin irritation such as acne, helps control sebum (oiliness), and clears and calms the skin, promoting a healthy, dewy glow for a timeless beauty look. 

Skin Conditioner Essential N, known as SkiCon in Japan, has been a bestseller since 1974 and consistently receives top reviews from customers and beauty editors. To commemorate SkiCon’s 50th anniversary in the U.S., ALBION offers a limited edition ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential N jumbo bottle. This exclusive offer is valid while stocks last, so get your limited edition bottle early. 

What Are the Benefits of Skin Conditioner for Your Skin?

Skin conditioning involves improving the appearance of skin and keeping it healthy and resilient. This includes enhancing skin texture, increasing moisture levels, and promoting a smooth, supple complexion. Skin conditioning ingredients help hydrate the skin, strengthen the skin barrier, and protect against environmental stressors. They soothe, soften, and improve skin texture, making it feel smoother and more refined.

A two-week consumer study of 60 respondents who used ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential N showed: 

  • 100% noticed improvements in skin clarity 
  • 99% noticed smoother skin 
  • 99% noticed improvements in skin hydration 
  • 95% noticed a reduction in pimples 

Toner vs. Essence vs. Skin Conditioner: What’s the Difference?

Japanese beauty practices prioritize skin hydration and involve use of lightweight, hydrating essences and toners. Here’s a quick comparison: 

  • Toner: A lightweight, often water-based formula used after cleansing to balance skin pH and remove impurities. It prepares the skin for better absorption of other products and can address specific concerns like oil control and brightening.
  • Essence: Thicker than toners but lighter than serums, essences are packed with active ingredients to target concerns like hydration, radiance, and anti-aging. Botanical-infused essences have been a staple in Japanese skincare rituals for centuries. Essence is applied after a toner and before serums and moisturizers. 
  • Skin Conditioner: A hybrid unique to J-beauty, combining the functions of a toner and an essence. It hydrates, soothes, and provides active ingredients for specific concerns. Skin conditioner is applied after cleansing and can replace a toner in a skincare routine.
In ALBION 4-Step Skincare Ritual, apply Skin Conditioner Essential N as the third step after cleansing and using balancing milk. Saturate a facial cotton pad with a generous amount of Skin Conditioner and gently press onto your skin.
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