The Designer

Born in Paris, France, Sophie Mechaly has always been curious, passionate, and relentless with her pursuit of “joie de vivre” (the joy of life).

In 1995, Paul & Joe was born as a menswear line named after Sophie’s two sons, which quickly blossomed into womenswear, and eventually, into a lifestyle brand. Paul & Joe has established itself as a fun-filled brand with innovative, dynamic, and colorful original prints, while revisiting the vintage spirit. Paul & Joe Beauté is a cosmetics line that faithfully encapsulates the brand’s philosophy of ‘fun - loving sophistication’.

The Products

Cosmetics that convey the perfectly Parisian philosophy of enjoying life.

A sheer pleasure to not only use, but to carry around, Paul & Joe Beauté projects a lifestyle that overflows with a sense of happiness. The retro-modern packaging speaks to those who are passionate about beautiful, tactile things while the products themselves speak to those seeking a sense of natural radiance. Carefully selected ingredients, including botanical-based hydrators, gently sit on the skin, locking moisture in place so the skin seems to glow from within.

Many Paul & Joe Beauté products also contain generous amounts of “Secret D’or” – a proprietary champagne gold frost complex that melts into any complexion to create a natural luminosity.

Collection Sparkles

Paying homage to its fashion roots.

Paul & Joe Beauté seasonally debuts limited edition items decorated with patterns taken directly from that season's fashion line as a part of ‘Collection Sparkles’. CS items create a fun and whimsical coordination between the cosmetics and the clothing, while highlighting the brand’s irrepressible creativity.

Paul & Joe Gallery