About Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE

Especially created for women who enjoy being women, and who value something that enchants them not reasonably but intrinsically.

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée proposes “unexpected” beauty beyond the ordinary concept of cosmetics to women who pursue new forms of beauty.

History of Les Merveilleuses

The legendary patisserie / salon de thé founded in Paris, 1862, enchanting women all over the world with its "edible jewelry". Ladurée has to this day continued to create not only innovative sweets but also a new culture as one of the greatest patisseries in Paris.

Ladurée has been representing the French “art de vivre” based on the philosophy, “what is really beautiful can intrinsically enchant women by exciting their five senses in an overwhelming manner.” The cosmetics developed under the name of Ladurée therefore also symbolize the essence of the French history and esprit.

Goddesses of Liberté

Les Merveilleuses

Beautiful “goddesses of liberty” who lived in Paris after the Revolution in the late 18th century and pursued their own beauty depending on a unique and individual sensibility.

In the 18th century young Parisian women cast off the post-revolution reign of terror and strict morals, aspiring for freedom and liberation. They remained loyal to France and believed in their senses without losing the pride of the aristocrats who lived in the period of the monarchy.

*Merveilleuses (French) refers to a “marvelous,” eccentric and elegant woman.

Today’s Merveilleuses

The cosmetics collection will enchant women who are committed to making themselves sophisticated in an aesthetic manner and will give them great surprise and pleasure whenever they use it. Les Merveilleuses Ladurée collection provides inspiring elegance across time. The collection offers infinite means to express yourself combining universal, absolute beauty that is full of vitality and elegance with your present self that symbolize the times.

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