Celebrating individuality and genuine beauty that each and every one of us has.

Beauty that is genuine, pure and personally defined.
This is Albion.


Living with bare skin

Revealing the Beauty Within



In 1956, a time when Japan was yet to become an affluent country, ALBION was born with the grand dream of becoming the No.1 luxury cosmetics manufacturer in Japan and the world. Today, our Balancing Milks, Skin Conditioner and more are coveted both in and outside of Japan. Like a dream come true, we are gradually achieving our founding aspirations of becoming a world renowned J-beauty brand.

Quality & Innovation

For over 60 years, we have worked tirelessly in our pursuit to deliver the finest premium cosmetics to our customers by creating irreplaceable, high-quality products with palpable results.

To consistently develop top-tier products, we focus on three key components:

  1. The finest ingredients
  2. The continuous pursuit of innovation through science and technology
  3. Distinguished ‘Made in Japan’ quality

Quality &

  ALBION’s Shirakami Laboratory


While we aim to provide the highest quality of services and products to you, we are also committed to investing back into communities.


Our daycare center, “Kuukids,” located in Ginza, Tokyo, gives families the option to continue working while raising their children, encouraging a healthy work-life balance. We opened Kuukids in April 2009 with the desire to give back to Ginza. Our second location opened in Hakata, Fukuoka, in 2017. We operate not only on weekdays, but Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays to offer flexibility and support to families with varying working hours.

Sri Lanka

One of our research centers, the Institute of Traditional Plants in Sri Lanka was established in 2014 and was shortly followed by the Consortium for Industrialization of Useful Plants in Sri Lanka in 2017. With the establishment of this consortium, we are committed to fairly returning profits and technical support back to Sri Lanka, while simultaneously advancing our research on useful plants to create the highest quality products.


We source some of our ingredients from Madagascar. Since 2013, in the region closest to where we source our ingredients, we provide educational support and donate school supplies to new students every year as a way of giving back to the community and supporting the future of its children.